1 of 21 Worries

Happy are the people with such blessings. Happy are the people whose God is the LORD.

Psalm 144:15  CSB

In a 2015 article by Matthew Champion 42 percent of the 2,000 people surveyed expressed unhappiness with their lives. 

For the next 20 posts I want to connect a written truth from God’s Word that speaks to each worry. 

What if we evaluated our overall well being as a state of being blessed instead of the state of our emotions in response to our circumstances?

What if the state of being blessed was nothing more than a perspective shift? 

Go with me here for a minute.

Happy or blessed are the people who realize they have blessings. Good start.

Happy or blessed are people who have a god to begin with. But not just any god. 

Our perceived state of happiness comes from the god we worship. 

What if we disqualified any gods who are in no position to actually bless us? 

So if happy or blessed are the people whose God is the Lord then any god who isn’t really the Lord can’t make us happy. 

If our Mercedes (fill in your own here) is a happy source it’s a god. In fact it is a good god. It’s good at telling us a false truth that it should hold any place in our life as an object of affection or at giving us any worth. 

Can you feel the perspective starting to shift? 


Gratitude is the focus ring for the lens of happiness. 

The perception of bad. The presence of pain. The unanswered questions. None of those disappear. But they will get fuzzy while the truth becomes clear. 

We are blessed when the Lord is our God. We are blessed when we can live with an awareness that the truth of who He is rests within a heart of gratitude. A heart we chose to maintain. A heart we constantly ask for Him to create clean, over and over again.