You Will Find Me in the Reflection

Today I have the privilege of sharing with you via a guest post, some thoughts from a good friend of mine, Charlana Kelly.

God has given her a huge heart for engaging our culture in order to influence and minister the life changing message of God’s Word. She is an influencer and I want you to be aware of her writing, her message and all of her content over on her page. Take time to slow down, and to pause and reflect - absorb the insights she has shared with us. I know you will be blessed as a result!


I hurried to the beach on my first morning of vacation recently to watch the sun rise over the mountain jutting into the Sea of Cortez at Los Frailes, Mexico. In previous visits, the skies were clear making the sunrays shoot up from the peak. This year was different. Cooler and cloudier with beautiful breezes that made for pleasurable morning walks. 

As the sun came up behind the clouds an amazing reflection shimmered on the water. Noticing the sparkling light, I heard, “You will find Me in the reflection.” Even writing this now my heart is filled again with the warmth of God’s presence. 

“Reflect” is used 21 times in the Scripture of various translations with two basic meanings. First, our life is a reflection of all we believe, think, speak, and do. Secondly, when we reflect on things past, we gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding about our current state and how to move forward into the next season. 

“I will praise the Lord who guides me; yes, during the night I reflect and learn.” Psalm 16:7, NET

Reflection helps us to locate our self. Perhaps we need to adjust to reflect a more Christ-like attitude. As we apply what we discover in reflection, we become a bigger blessing to others and experience greater love, joy, and peace. 

Solitude gives way for reflection, whether alone in devotion to God or set apart to focus on Him.

We must position ourselves to hear and receive the instruction that comes, which moves us closer to our Lord. 

In this fast-paced world of distraction make time to reflect. The result brings balance to your spirit, soul, and body; establishing or renewing a more meaningful connection to life’s most valuable resource; knowing Christ!

“Remember your leaders, who spoke God's message to you; reflect on the outcome of their lives and imitate their faith.” Hebrews 13:7, NET

I found Him in the reflection – I paused, I listened, I exhaled, I received.