Jacob-like tenacity

But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”

Genesis 32:26b NIV

What character in the Bible do you feel most resembles you? You are in there somewhere.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a faith hero at this present time. 

We should realize the journeys of God’s people were written to resonate and relate with every potential reader. 

Who do I relate to? 


James is a descendant of the Latin form of the name Jacob.

If you are like me and you relate most to Jacob I offer a few take aways to fuel your day. 

You’re in good company and part of the faith hall of fame when you have struggles in your journey to God's destiny.  

It takes Jacob-like tenacity to become a prevailing prince. 

No one but you can push through to find what it is God has for you.

Your family won’t understand it, your friends won’t understand it, the world at large won’t understand it.

It’s you and only you in a press, a squeeze, a crucible.

It’s not cozy - in fact it’s down right uncomfortable, it’s inconvenient, and it’s never status quo.

It’s a journey of conflict, resolution, and redemption. 

Where God wants you to go doesn’t exist yet, it’s only a faith reality - and it isn’t going to happen in the common place.

 It’s dust and dirt and rock hard desert pillows. It’s the sounds of the wilderness at night and a starkness you think won’t ever end. 

Don’t let go until you have looked directly in the face of God and don’t let go until He changes your name and marks you forever. 

We need to be wiling to die from exposure to His presence in search of His blessing. 

A life without being marked by Him, without being called uniquely by Him is no life at all. 

I hope you fight for the name He has given you and I hope you live it to the fullest.