Spoken (un)Belief

It is written: "I believed; therefore I have spoken."

2 Corinthians 4:13a NIV

This is a tease topic from my next book, “Lordship Matters.”

Meditating on the Lord’s prayer on my morning bike ride today inspired me again about the powerful revelation the Lord showed me and I have written about in my upcoming book.

Hallowed be your name. Holy is your name.

Lordship Matter #1 -

The name of the Lord is the nature of the Lord.

His name is Holy. Not - the mention of his name is a holy thing - but His actual name is - ”Holy.”

Your name might be Bill and you act like Bill.

His name is Holy and He acts in holy ways. He can’t be unholy. He is the only Holy One.

How does salvation occur? Romans 10:9,10

Salvation comes through declared and lived out agreement with heart belief.

What belief?

Jesus Christ is Lord.

Every name manifests as an outworking of his nature.

Or . . . anyone else is lord, and every other name manifests as an anti-Christ like nature.

What does working out your salvation look like? Philippians 2:12 - salvation=agreement with heaven’s reality - the Lord’s kingdom reality - in the earth now. Heaven’s rule.

Let’s apply this.

His name is redeemer. He redeems. (has and always will buy back every kind of evil and wrong forever)

If His name is redeemer then He is able to work all things out for his good from an eternal perspective.

My controlling behavior, my obsessive jealousy, worry, gossip, slander - all of it - will serve to defame His name - to denounce and to renounce his lordship in my life.

Those actions speak loudly that He ISN’T Lord.

We speak from a place of belief, even if that belief is un-belief.

It isn’t what you said when you said the sinners prayer the will keep the kingdom of heaven flowing through you.

It’s what you say today.

Does it honor His name?

Does it confess Him as Lord?